Eagle Land Services has been successfully acquiring oil and gas leases in a range of markets, both urban and rural, for decades.

Experienced project managers take any project from conceptualization to completion. Real-time access to critical data, legal and accounting support give clients the competitive edge they need in a fast moving marketplace.

With an emphasis on quality research, precise lease preparation, and effective, professional communication with lessors, Eagle Land Service’s leasing reputation is unsurpassed within the industry. Eagle’s leasing professionals operate in the most proficient manner possible, saving clients both time and money.

As a specialty area, Eagle has extensive experience in developing and executing urban leasing campaigns. Eagle is passionate about its reputation for integrity and service, and is committed to establishing good community relationships and maintaining those over time. Whether the transaction involves an individual landowner, a municipality or a neighborhood association, Eagle provides the expertise and resources necessary to ensure a successful outcome for its clients.

Mineral/Land Owner Account Support

Eagle’s mineral and land owner account management and administrative professionals process hundreds of financial transactions a day related to oil and gas mineral leases. They manage the critical communication between our clients and the mineral owners and landowners that are important to the success of their projects. Superior customer service, and frequent and ongoing communication keeps the mineral owners and landowners engaged throughout the leasing process. Bank drafts, lease bonus payments and 1099s are administered and processed in the most proficient manner and in accordance with the highest standards. Eagle manages millions of dollars each year for our clients, and is accountable to them on a regular basis through audits and reports.